Hospital Hustle

Hospital Hustle

Manage your hospital in the most efficient way


  • Increasing difficulty
  • Cute graphics
  • Perfect for young players


  • Not as good as Theme Hospital
  • Can get repetitive


If watching Grey's Anatomy makes you want to be a doctor, wait until you play Hospital Hustle.

In this fun game you play the role of Sarah, a young nurse who has just graduated from the University of California and is taking her first steps into a nursing career. Your mission as nurse will be to take care or all the patients who come into the hospital, following all the necessary steps: admission, diagnostic, treatment and discharge.

The first few levels in Hospital Hustle are quite easy and work as a kind of tutorial, but as you progress through the game your hospital will be packed with more and more patients, all of them desperately waiting for you. Therefore you need to keep an eye on everything, be very quick in your actions and make good use of your time if you want to succeed. The more patients you have, the more funds you raise to improve the hospital facilities.

Hospital Hustle is fun and features cute graphics, but it tends to get repetitive after playing for a while. It may be perfectly suitable for children, but older gamers will probably find it much less interesting than other doctor games like the excellent Theme Hospital.

Hospital Hustle is a childish game in which you play the role of a quick, efficient nurse on her first working days.

Hospital Hustle


Hospital Hustle

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